For the most reliable and affordable dermatology in Dubai, make sure you get in touch with the team here at Blue Tree Clinics. Comprised of consulting dermatologists, each specialising in different aspects of this diverse field, we are ready to help with your dermatological needs. Offering aesthetic and laser medicine that is both sophisticated and affordable, we provide our patients with prompt care and accurate diagnoses.

What can our professional dermatologists do for you?

At Blue Tree Clinics, we provide dermatology in Dubai for both adults and children. We devise effective treatment plans that have a particular emphasis on counselling as well as educating parents about skin disease, treatment and prevention. The team at Blue Tree Clinics possess a sound knowledge of advanced dermatological procedures allowing us to provide the best care possible.

As well as procedures designed to enhance the skin’s appearance, our dermatology in Dubai team also practise the latest techniques in aesthetic dermatology in Dubai as well as laser medicine. Through these methods, we can achieve the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases and dermato-surgical procedures of both a medical and cosmetic nature. On top of that, we are also able to provide effective treatment for the following conditions:

Our experts will carefully explain your condition and answer any questions you may have. We will also explain other factors too such as the cause, risk factors, treatments and more. At Blue Tree Clinics, we specialise in melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer prevention, treatment and educations. One such technique that we use is “Mole Mapping”.

Mole Mapping

This unique, non-invasive procedure allows us to detect the early signs of skin cancer and best of all is that it is completely painless. Mole Mapping involves a complete body examination followed by digital imaging analysis of the suspicious potential of the mole. We are then able to systematically monitor the mole over time observing any change in shape, size or colour.

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