Dr. Tod Cahill

Dr. Tod Cahill
Dr. Tod Cahill

Atlas Orthogonal, Dr Tod Cahill DC BCAO

International Chiropractor of the year 2013

Dr Tod Cahill works from our Jumeirah Beach Road location, offering advance instrument based chiropractic effective noninvasive treatment for musculoskeletal disorders. Feathering Atlas Orthogonal percussion wave technology along with activator, arthrostim, vibracussor and sacral occipital techniques (SOT). We couple advanced American technology with highly skilled physical therapists. The noninvasive treatment is usually all patients required but if needed we also have a German certified orthopedic surgeon offering advanced therapies and treatment.

‘’We offer a one-stop location for helping you with a multitude of health concerns.’’

Chiropractic Worked When All Else Failed

Dr Cahill sought the help of a chiropractor when he was plagued with back pain and headaches and had tried all other avenues of medical care. After experiencing Atlas Orthogonal treatment and the results to his own health he made the choice to study at Palmer College of Chiropractic (The Fountain Head) in Davenport, Iowa in the U.S., where he received a BS in General Science, followed by a Doctorate in Chiropractic.

Additionally, Dr Cahill holds a degree in Engineering Technology from Hamilton College, also located in Davenport. The human body is an unmatched marvel, even the most advanced engineered machines fall short when compared to the abilities of the human body. As a health professional we try to alleviate the nervous system from insult, this allows the body to function to its highest levels. “Patients come with symptoms of headaches and/or spinal pain but it is these same nerves that transmit pain that run all the processes in the body, for peak performance and health these nervous system insults must be removed.”

‘’I took the opportunity while in chiropractic college to learn everything I could, conducting research, working as a teaching assistant, taking extra elective courses, and working at the rehabilitation center. “I was able to continue my education working chiropractic pioneer and founder of the Atlas Orthogonal program, Dr Roy Sweat after graduation.’’

Professional Achievements and Qualifications

Dr Cahill is heavily involved in percussive wave Atlas Orthogonal care for his patients. He has authored research to help other chiropractors give superior patient care, and is fully licensed to practice healing chiropractic care.

2013 Atlas Orthogonal (AO) International Chiropractor of the Year.
Certified Atlas Orthogonal Instructor
Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist (BCAO)
Author/co-author 4 Atlas Orthogonal Technical manuals
Licensed in UAE and US

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Dr Cahill and his wife enjoy cooking and outdoor activities when he’s not in the office. He leads an active lifestyle including water sports and regular trips to the gym. He is also a former fishing trip guide, and can share with you his advice for the healthy habits he employs, such as doing most of your shopping in the produce aisles, or adapting your workout routines to your changing needs.

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