Hanae Laoufi

Hanae Laoufi
Hanae Laoufi

Meet Dubai Physiotherapist,
Hanae Laoufi BSc. in Physiotherapy (Morocco)

Hanae Laoufi is a physiotherapist at our Al Wasl Road location, where our team is ready to help you through manual therapy, strengthening exercises, and balance training to deliver you better results.

Physiotherapy Complements My Interests

Hanae aspired to become a physiotherapist since she was young, because it combines sports and sciences, which are two of her passions. “I’m also interested in health and fitness, and have the flexibility required to adapt to different situations and different patients’ needs, which is highly useful in my field. “

Professional Education, Qualifications, and Awards

Hanae earned her Bachelor of Science in physiotherapy at Fez Morocco in 2009, and is a DHA-registered physiotherapist. In addition, she holds certifications in the following:

  • Pre and Post Natal Exercises Specialist (By AFPA)
  • Certified Sports Therapist from Stonebridge College, UK
  • Certified Fitness Trainer from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)
  • Certified and trained in basic life support from the American Heart Association

We’re also proud to share that Shape Magazine in Dubai voted Hanae as one of The Best 5 Sports Massage Practitioners, in their August 2011 issue.

Expertise from Practice

Hanae has worked with a local football team in Morocco providing care and sports rehabilitation programs, where she was able to practice many different techniques. She also worked together with other local doctors to coordinate the best care for her patients.

Hanae worked for several years in a government hospital, which gave her experience in treating many different conditions, especially in the obstetrics and gynecology department. “Working there gave me the ability to prevent and treat back and pelvic pain and other various ailments involved in pre- and post-natal care.”

Outside of the Office

She practices healthy habits like keeping a water bottle with her at all times to increase her water intake, and eating small meals every 3-4 hours. She enjoys regular exercise, and focuses on what works best for her own individual needs.

Are you experiencing pain that just won’t go away? Are you looking to prevent future injures? “I’m ready to help you in any way possible. Give our office a call today!”