Nicki Anderson

Nicki Anderson originally trained as an Occupational Therapist at Dorset House, the founder school of Occupational Therapy in Oxford, England. She graduated in 1988. Since completing her dual training as an Occupational Therapist in Physical Medicine and Psychology, Nicki specialised in Paediatrics and ultimately Child and Family Mental Health. She has extensive clinical experience in Europe (Germany) and the UK with children with special needs in both educational and community settings, and as a therapist in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health unit (CAMHS) in northern England.

‘I have always been fascinated with working with the emotional factors effecting family dynamics.”

Nicki’s clinical work in the CAMHS unit involved individual therapy with children who were processing emotional trauma from divorce, loss, abuse, and displacement in high risk families. She used symbolic play and creative therapies and allow the children to make sense of their experiences. Her clinical work was supervised by a Child Psychotherapist who became a leading light at the well renowned Tavistock institute in London. Nicki became a senior member of the multidisciplinary team, representing the unit in case conferences and assessing and allocating treatment modalities for children and families as part of an area assessment team.

Nicki has lived in Dubai since 1996, both her children were born and raised here, and she has reinvented her practice in the last decade. Nicki has followed her passion for psychology and understanding the human mind through further training in Transpersonal Psychology where she was accepted onto the master’s program at what is now Sofia University in California. She has applied her understanding of depth psychology through recent training as a Jungian life coach through the Academy of Jungian spiritual Psychology, also in the U.S.A.

“I have had the unusual privilege of being able to facilitate and observe children processing very difficult and emotional challenges in their young lives, and to witness the resilience of the human spirit in action as they adapt themselves to their unique story. This experience has influenced me deeply in my understanding of why we get stressed, emotionally triggered and reactive as adults, and how we can transform the mindset we have to become at ease, centred and really creative with our lives”

Nicki is fascinated by the impact of childhood experiences and childhood conditioning on the development of our patterns of thoughts, our beliefs, habitual patterns of behaviour, and even the physical holding patterns of our bodies.  From her experience working with children and families she recognises the way childhood experiences imprint on an individual in this way, shaping who they believe they are, how they relate to others, and their capacity to live life to the fullest.

In the last few years she has focussed on developing and establishing her own service as founder and CEO of “Journey to Wholeness” to serve the Dubai community. Initially she worked exclusively with parents with emotional triggers in their parenting practice, or who were parenting through trauma. She has now expanded her client group to include individuals struggling with stress and anxiety, emotional eating and bulimia, and the emotional impact of chronic pain, physical injury and physical trauma.

Nicki is passionate about personal development and about supporting individuals to transform limited mindsets that cause dis- ease in mind and body. Her sessions focus on liberating individuals from the narrow boundaries of their conditioning to live an abundant and fulfilling life from their highest vision for health and wellbeing. Nicki has been featured in several local and international publications including ‘New you Magazine’, ‘Baby and Child magazine’, and the Hoffman process publication UK.

Nicki uses a Jungian framework in a life coaching format together with a cutting edge processing and communication tool to help clients with issues such as:

Anxiety: Anxiety around infertility, pre-and postnatal anxiety, parenting anxiety and parenting trigger points, parenting anxiety with a premature or special needs child, performance anxiety at work, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, relationship anxiety.

Trauma: Childhood trauma, emotional recovery from birth trauma, loss and bereavement, separation and divorce.

Chronic pain: back and neck injuries, emotional recovery from physical trauma.