Orthokine is a treatment which relieves joint and back pain, muscle injuries, Orthokine technique  using a special serum derived from the patient’s own blood. This serum contains biologically active proteins called interleukin-1 receptor antagonists, which ease pain and reduce inflammation in damaged tissues.

It is important to say that Orthokine procedure is not invasive and does not require any use of foreign substances. and its the most commonly performed procedure to treat osteoarthritis. This procedure is a great treatment option for people with aching knees, hips, ankles or shoulders. back pain which is triggered by herniated disc, arthritis or stenosis (narrowing) of the spinal canal. its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties,

Orthokine can be used for the following :

  •  joint pain
  • back pain
  • muscle injuries
  • aching knees
  • hips
  • ankles or shoulders
  • arthritis