If your skin is covered in patches of silvery scales, then this is likely evidence of Psoriasis. Psoriasis is a long-lasting chronic skin condition that affects only a very small percentage of individuals and usually requires treating by dermatology professionals. While the severity of symptoms can range from a minor irritation to a serious impact to qualify of life, the condition itself is typically characterised by skin that is:

  • Flaky
  • Itchy
  • Sore
  • Crusty
  • Red

Psoriasis can be found all over the body but is most commonly found on the lower back, knees, elbows and scalp.


While the exact cause of Psoriasis is unknown, the condition has been largely linked to the immune system. As the body produces T-Cells, these proceed to attack healthy skin cells resulting in excessive production of new cells. Normally the process of skin cells being produced to the point of shedding takes several weeks, but in Psoriasis sufferers it takes several days.

As the body continues to produce new skin cells, more T-Cells are produced in response. While the reason for this is unknown, genetics is believed to play a role. Symptoms of Psoriasis can vary in severity from day to day with severe symptoms being triggered by factors that include:

  • Certain infections
  • Excessive drinking
  • Hormonal changes
  • Immune disorders
  • Injuries to the skin
  • Medications
  • Smoking
  • Stress


Finding an effective Psoriasis treatment in Dubai can be tricky. The type and severity can affect which treatments are successful and which are not. At Blue Tree Clinics, our consultant dermatologists will be happy to discuss treatment options with you and devise a plan to help manage your condition. Mild treatments are usually used first with more powerful treatments prescribed if necessary.


Topical treatments include creams and ointments and are usually used to treat mild to moderate cases of Psoriasis. These are great at alleviating the itchiness and soreness associated with the condition and involve the use of products such as:

  • Emollients
  • Vitamin D Analogues
  • Calcineurin Inhibitors
  • Steroid Creams


Phototherapy is usually suggested if a topical Psoriasis treatment in Dubai have yielded little to no success. This procedure involves the use of natural and artificial light which is designed to slow down the production of skin cells. Depending on the severity of your condition, we will usually suggest one of three different types of Phototherapy which are:

  • Ultraviolet B (UVB)
  • Psoralen Plus Ultraviolet A (PUVA)
  • Combination Light Therapy

Systemic Treatments

In serious cases where Psoriasis is having an impact on quality of life, our dermatologists are able to prescribe systemic treatments. This involves powerful medications which are effective at combatting Psoriasis but also entail varying side effects. Systemic treatments can be broken down into two categories – biological and non-biological.

Biological treatments are usually administered as injections and include Etanercept, Infliximab and Ixekizumab. Non-biological treatments come in the form of tablets or capsules and include Methotrexate, Acitretin and Cyclosporine.

While these treatments are often used separately, it’s not uncommon for two or more to be used in conjunction with each other.

Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

Thanks to our holistic multi-service approach, you can rest assured that Blue Tree Clinics will Psoriasis treatment in Dubai to treat the cause of your condition and not just the symptoms. Our use of the latest equipment and our commitment to pioneering new and cutting-edge techniques has earned us a well-established reputation. We are trusted by many Psoriasis sufferers in Dubai whose lives have been negatively affected.

When you choose Blue Tree Clinics for Psoriasis treatment in Dubai, you can be confident that we will work hard to help you achieve your healthcare goals. Our fully qualified and highly trained team of German board-certified specialists will handle your case with both discretion and complete professionalism. To find out more, call our dermatologist team today.


“I’ve always suffered terribly with psoriasis ever since I was a child. Sick of living with sore and itchy skin and feeling self-conscious whenever I go outside, I decided to seek out the help of the experts. Blue Tree Clinics were fantastic and thanks to their helpful insight, my condition no longer rules my life!”

T. Shacner

“Spoke to Blue Tree Clinics on the phone regarding my Psoriasis and they were most helpful. I was able to arrange an appointment that fitted in with my schedule and started my treatment plan soon after. I am happy with the results and my symptoms have all but subsided.”

G. Willemson