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Restore balance and eliminate pain from your body with this specialised chiropractic treatment. Atlas orthogonal is a form of spinal correction which focuses on a key misalignment of bone structure around the head and neck known as the atlas subluxation complex. This common misalignment can block communication between your brain and body which in turn causes stress, pain and tension. Issues arising from this condition can manifest both physically and mentally in a whole host of medical conditions. The atlas orthogonal system is a precise and completely painless correction which taps into the body’s natural healing abilities and can be used to relieve a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms.

How the system works

Atlas orthogonal is a very gentle and completely painless form of spinal correction which is performed by a specialist doctor of chiropractic known as an atlas orthogonist. Your atlas orthogonist will take a series of x-rays to determine if you suffer from the atlas subluxation complex and then use a series of light touches (no twisting and cracking like in traditional chiropractic) to realign your body.

What to expect when you come to one of our Dubai clinics for treatment

When you come in for treatment, the first thing the atlas orthogonist will do is take down your medical history and assess your symptoms. From there, a series of X-rays will be taken to identify what exactly needs to be done to restore your natural alignment. The treatment itself is very subtle and almost painless. Afterwards, your body will undergo cycles of repair which may be characterised by the decrease of symptoms, feeling to tiredness and muscle stiffness or soreness. The amount of time it takes for the symptoms to disappear completely depends on the severity of the alignment. Although the misalignment can reoccur, you can help keep your body relaxed and balanced through therapeutic stretching and muscle building as well as following the specialist’s instructions about body positioning and movement.


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Atlas Orthogonal

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