Extensive Allergy and Intolerance Test

Have you been feeling tired and lacking in energy recently? Do you think it might be connected to your diet or an allergy? Food intolerance is a very common cause of fatigue that can go undiagnosed for years. Why not make sure by booking our Extensive Allergy and Intolerance Test in Dubai today?


Should I take the Extensive Allergy and Intolerance Test in Dubai?

The food that we eat has an enormous impact on our lives and overall health. There are many signs that the body will give you to make you aware that something may not be quite right. Some of these can include sudden weight gain, a constantly upset stomach and ongoing fatigue. Every person has different needs when it comes to nutrition so it’s important to identify what works for you specifically and what doesn’t.

This is where our Dubai Extensive Allergy and Intolerance Test comes in. If we do discover a food intolerance in your body, our expert team of nutritionists can recommend an eating plan that will cut out what your body is rejecting and replace it with something appropriate.

If you suspect that you may be suffering from an allergy, the experts at Blue Tree Clinics can help you by administering our popular Extensive Allergy and Intolerance Test in Dubai. Some allergies are very simple to identify because of when they occur. For example, if you’re experiencing sneezing, a runny nose and itchy eyes in the late spring or early summer, there’s a good chance you have a simple case of hay fever.

However, if your symptoms are more complicated than that, a test will be required to pinpoint the underlying issue. If, for instance, you’re experience a runny nose all year round, we need to narrow down the possibilities as there are various allergens that can cause this.


What happens during the Dubai Extensive Allergy and Intolerance Test?

The first test that we carry out when looking for an allergen will be a skin prick. This process is quick and safe – you won’t have to wait around long to get the results. The purpose of this test is to put the suspected allergen in contact with the skin to see if there’s a reaction. If that’s the case, then the skin around the prick will become red and itchy.

Should this initial test not produce the expected results, then a blood test may be required instead to narrow down the allergen. This process will enable us to measure the number of antibodies in your blood that your immune system produces in response to a suspected allergen.

Regardless of which allergy or intolerance you think you may be suffering from, it’s important that all testing is carried out by certified industry. When you choose Blue Tree Clinics for your Extensive Allergy and Intolerance Test in Dubai, you can sit back and relax knowing that you’re in the safe hands of the finest practitioners in the industry.


Reasons to choose Blue Tree Clinics

Our vision here at Blue Tree Clinics is to be a leading medical facility. We aim to achieve this goal by offering a level of treatment that is truly outstanding. We believe in operating in a technologically advanced environment while maintaining the spirit of teamwork and close cooperation between team members.

Whether you’re booking an Extensive Allergy and Intolerance Test in Dubai or coming to us for a different treatment entirely, you can rest assured knowing that we offer care with the highest level of honesty, empathy and trust.

Here at Blue Tree Clinics, we want to offer healthcare and not disease care. This means that our approach is always proactive and not reactive. Our qualified team of experts will support you every step of the way. You can expect regular progress reports and modifications to your treatment plan if they are deemed necessary.

We listen to our clients carefully, always addressing their specific needs and listening to their ongoing requirements. Get in touch with us now to see what our friendly team can offer you. Let’s take that first step towards your optimal health and happiness together.


Customer testimonial for our Dubai allergy services

“The team were both polite and accommodating and were able to find a treatment method that worked for me.”M. Sayegh