Mole Removal

Moles, as they are commonly referred to as, are a common feature found amongst the majority of the world’s population. It is possible to have a single mole or a cluster of moles forming in a single area, and the majority of moles are harmless.

Some, however, can be an early sign of skin cancer and these can typically be characterised by a change in height, size or shape. They may also cause pain or itchiness as well as bleed and ooze. If you’re unsure as to whether a mole is harmless or not, be sure to speak with our team of dermatology experts to learn more about mole removal in Dubai.



Moles occur as a result of skin cells (melanocytes) forming in tight clusters rather than spreading out across the skin. The natural colour of your skin derives from the presence of these melanocytes which are responsible for producing pigment. Often in teenagers, pregnant women or through exposure to sunlight, moles can darken giving them their distinctive appearance.



For the most part, moles are usually best left alone. However, if a mole has the potential to impact a person’s appearance or health, you’ll find a range of treatments available here at Blue Tree Clinics that can help. The most common approach for mole removal in Dubai involves performing a biopsy in which a part or the entire spot is shaved or cut so that it can be examined more closely under a microscope.

A biopsy will determine whether a mole is cancerous or not and should this be the case, it can be surgically removed and the wound stitched and dressed.



Radiosurgery is a technique in which radio waves are used to remove moles quickly while causing as little pain or discomfort to the patient as possible. This method involves passing radio waves through the skin which, in turn, helps to treat the mole. The process involves the use of electrodes and thanks to tissue coagulation; you won’t have to contend with any bleeding.



The beauty of laser removal is that it provides quick results while leaving behind minimal scarring. Radiosurgery is technically classified as a high-frequency form of laser treatment; other types include Intense Pulse Light (IPL) lasers and Nd-YAG lasers that use KTP crystals for maximum effect. Laser surgery works by using intense light energy that helps to break down the mole without the need to cut into the skin.


Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

Established in 2000, Blue Tree Clinics are on a mission to revolutionise the healthcare industry. Patients choose us for mole removal in Dubai because they have the confidence that comes from dealing with knowledgeable experts. Our dermatologists take the time to listen to the concerns of each of our patients. We take a holistic approach that seeks to find the cause rather than just treat the symptoms.

At Blue Tree Clinics, you will discover an atmosphere that promotes quality. Our goal is to help you to achieve your own goals. We use a combination of up-to-date technology and the latest techniques to guide you towards the results that you desire. For information about mole removal in Dubai, speak to our team today.



“After stepping out of the shower, my partner noticed the appearance of a new mole on my lower back. Having done a little research, I opted to give Blue Tree Clinics a call. The team were able to see me quickly and performed a complete biopsy (which fortunately turned out to be negative).”

M. Pento

“For years I have had to contend with a mole on the left side of my face which frequently draws unwanted stares. After speaking with one of the dermatologists at Blue Tree Clinics, I was booked in for laser removal. Now I can enjoy walking down the street free of any unwanted attention.”

L. Gillenhal