Vitiligo is a long-term condition which commonly occurs on the face, neck, hands and in areas where the skin creases. It is typically characterised by the presence of pale white patches that develop on the skin, and these patches are usually prone to sunburn. Where blood vessels are present, the patches will take on a pinkish appearance and will become red if inflamed. Under certain circumstances, the skin may also turn brown.

There are two types of vitiligo – the first is referred to as non-segmental and usually affects both sides of the body with patches that form symmetrical patterns. The second type is referred to as segmental and only affects one side or area of the body resulting in asymmetrical patterns forming. For the best Vitiligo treatment in Dubai, call our dermatology specialists today.



Our skin colour derives from pigment produced by melanin which is, in turn, created by melanocytes. In patients with vitiligo, the number of melanocytes is significantly lower resulting in a reduced production of melanin. This results in the white patches that are typically associated with vitiligo.


In cases of non-segmental vitiligo, the condition can be directly linked to autoimmune conditions in which the body attacks the healthy cells and tissue. As a result of this, melanocytes are destroyed resulting in reduced melanin production.


Segmental vitiligo differs somewhat in that it is caused by toxins released by nerve endings in the skin. These toxins are highly poisonous to melanocytes, and as a result, the affected melanocytes are destroyed.

While both non-segmental and segmental vitiligo can be triggered by factors such as stress, skin damage and chemical exposure, neither are contagious. Vitiligo cannot also be contracted as a result of an infection.

During your consultation with Blue Tree Clinics, we ask you a series of questions in order to establish any risk factors that may be responsible for your condition. These factors include:

  • Family history of vitiligo
  • Family history of autoimmune conditions
  • Any existing autoimmune condition
  • If you suffer from melanoma or T-Cell lymphoma
  • Genetic factors



If you’re at all in doubt and are searching for a definitive diagnosis, book an appointment with one of our dermatologists today. We carry out a complete examination of the affected areas and can also run blood tests and assessments for autoimmune conditions if necessary. We also have access to ultraviolet lamps which enable us to analyse your skin in greater detail to provide you with the best vitiligo treatment in Dubai.

Once we’ve finished our diagnosis, we will recommend an appropriate treatment that will help to alleviate your symptoms. While vitiligo cannot be cured outright, our methods will significantly improve the appearance of your skin. For minor cases, we can prescribe creams designed to camouflage the white patches.

We also have access to the latest technologies allowing us to provide our patients with a cutting-edge phototherapy Vitiligo treatment in Dubai. This method can be provided on its own or as part of a regiment that includes medication which will help to manage the condition long-term.


Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

Here at Blue Tree Clinics, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with the best possible care around. As the quintessential choice for all dermatological solutions, we actively pioneer new and innovative techniques. Our fully qualified team even consists of German board-certified specialists enabling us to offer a well-rounded multi-service approach.

Since 2000, we have assisted thousands of patients seeking vitiligo treatment in Dubai. As a result, our services come highly recommended as we are committed to providing quality care to patients from all walks of life. When you choose Blue Tree Clinics, you will be guided through the process by our knowledgeable specialists to help you achieve the results you desire.



“Having been diagnosed with vitiligo from a young age, I have grown used to attracting unwanted stares. When I heard about the capabilities of Blue Tree Clinics I knew I had to give them a call. After carefully listening to my concerns and examining my condition closely, I was placed on a course of medication that has drastically improved the look of my skin.”

N. Mikhailov