Most people will be familiar with traditional braces as they are very common. However, you might occasionally notice a more complex looking device that is usually worn by younger orthodontic patients.

The term “headgear” refers to an orthodontic appliance that will be attached to the patient’s head with a neck strap. Headgear is utilised to transfer the force to the teeth to correct severe bite problems and teeth and jaw retention.

Teeth are held in place by the periodontal ligament and not fixed directly into the bone, which means that they can be moved. Moving them needs to be calculated, however, using a light controlled force.

For example, if the patient requires a large space between the teeth to be closed, then the back teeth might be pulled forward while the front teeth are being pulled back. This process can cause poor alignment and bite problems in the future. This is where headgear comes in.

The exact placement of the headgear will depend on the patient’s requirements. Some types of headgear will have a strap that goes behind the head to use it as an anchor. Reverse pull versions have a chin strap instead, which is utilised for pulling teeth forward.

Headgear is normally worn for around 12 hours per day for a limited amount of time. While it may not look very stylish, it can be a highly useful tool that can move teeth into their proper position in a relatively short amount of time, resulting in a truly beautiful smile.

When wearing headgear, a level of teeth soreness is very common and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. If you experience any problems, then the orthodontic team at Blue Tree Clinics is always here to help.

Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

Here at Blue Tree Clinics, our aim is providing all of our patients with care that has been tailored to their unique requirements. Our orthodontic treatments will not only fix your teeth – they will also improve your confidence and quality of life as well.

Our team understands that visiting an orthodontist can be a daunting experience for many people. We therefore endeavour to provide care and treatment in an atmosphere that is highly relaxing and will give the patient full peace of mind.

Get in touch with Blue Tree Clinics if you have any concerns about the positioning of your teeth. We will carry out a check and walk you through all of your available options. Our experienced professional team can assist you with all of your concerns and help your resolve your orthodontic issues.

We specialise in correcting teeth that are crooked, crowded or otherwise misaligned. Orthodontic treatments are also used to resolve an incorrect bite. Misaligned teeth can cause numerous problems, the leading one being tooth decay due to people being unable to clean them properly.

To solve these issues, the most common options are either fixed braces, removable braces or headgear as described above. Which option will be the best one for you depends on your individual requirements.


Dr. Samara

Orthodontic and Cosmetic Dentist

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