Removable Braces

Amongst our services here at Blue Tree Clinics we offer comprehensive orthodontic treatments to help permanently improve our patient’s teeth. Included in those treatments is the option to get removable braces, an appliance that is growing in popularity due to the effectiveness of its results. We are proud to offer this treatment and more under the umbrella of our professional orthodontist clinic.

What are Removable Braces?

Removable braces are used predominantly to treat minor orthodontic issues and prove less intrusive than the standard fixed braces; instead offering a more comfortable solution for improving teeth alignment. Our team embraces all proven methods of orthodontic dentistry and would be keen to discuss with you further if you think removable braces may help you.

Removable braces are generally not as strict in their use as other types of orthodontic treatment. Their removable nature means that in certain situations it is recommended that they are taken out for the time being to avoid unnecessary damage. For example, it would be a prudent action to remove the brace temporarily when undertaking activities such as cycling.

When Would You Need Them?

Removable braces are a necessary treatment if minor alterations to your teeth structure are needed. As removable braces carry out limited tooth movements, they are not as much of a strain on your mouth as fixed braces. While their most common appliance is for correcting minor problems, removable braces may be required to work as part of fixed brace treatment. In some cases, these braces can even be used to discourage young children from sucking their thumb.

It is vital to deal with any mouth problems as soon as possible, so if you feel removable braces may be something that you need, don’t hesitate to call us today.

Why Choose Blue Tree Clinics For Your Removable Braces?

While removable braces are considered to be more of a minor treatment, at Blue Tree Clinics, we show every patient the same high level of skill and attention. As professional orthodontists, we can provide you with advice that is relevant and personal to your situation and consult with you on why removable braces may be a viable option. We’re a dedicated team of individuals who are determined to deliver you with the treatment you need.

You can expect us to be there with you for every step of your removable braces treatment. We understand that you’ll want to go through the often lengthy process of orthodontic treatment as quickly as possible. It is because of this that we always meet regularly with our patients for check-ups to avoid any setbacks.

When you choose Blue Tree Clinics, you are guaranteed a service that includes:

  • Thorough and regular check-ups
  • A treatment tailored to you
  • Fast, friendly and approachable staff
  • Top of the range brace treatment
  • Lasting results

We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently leave patients satisfied and hope more than anything to provide the same exceptional service for you.

Where Else Can We Help?

As well as removable braces, we at Blue Tree Clinics also offer different types of orthodontic treatments including fixed braces, headgear, and functional appliances. We’re excited that we can provide our customers with such a wide range of options. Through our professional treatment, we’re confident that we can significantly reduce any painful aches and utterly transform the structure of your mouth.

Contact Us Today

So, if you’d like to find out more about our removable braces and other orthodontic treatments, contact Blue Tree Clinics today. You can give us a call on 04 348 8626, where a member of our team will happily go through any queries you may have. Get in touch today, and start your journey to improving your teeth forever.


Dr. Samara

Orthodontic and Cosmetic Dentist

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