Orthokine Therapy is a form of injection therapy that has been specially designed to utilise the incredible properties of body’s own defence mechanisms. Our body produces natural anti-inflammatories which assist in the normal healing process. The purpose of Orthokine Therapy is to take these anti-inflammatories and re-purpose them for the treatment of symptoms related to conditions such as osteoarthritis.

The aim of this therapy is to reduce pain while improving overall function. In sufferers of osteoarthritis, this will help to manage your condition effectively. If you’re seeking this treatment for a sporting injury, it may help to reduce your recovery time significantly. Before undertaking Orthokine Therapy, you must first be assessed in order to determine your suitability.

At Blue Tree Clinics, we possess a firm understanding of the techniques involved making us the perfect choice if you’re considering Orthokine Therapy.


How does Orthokine Therapy work?

The process may seem rather straightforward, but regardless, Orthokine Therapy must only be carried out by those trained in the necessary techniques. Orthokine Therapy involves taking a small sample (usually around 60mls) of the patient’s blood. This blood must then be processed – this involves placing the blood into a centrifuge to separate out the blood from its constituent parts.

Once this has been accomplished, the serum (which is believed to play a huge role as an anti-inflammatory) is then injected into the affected joints, soft tissue or tendons. Osteoarthritis is caused by a cytokine known as interleukin 1 which binds to various cytokine receptors. This binding process activates the inflammatory process which triggers a domino effect that causes extensive damage.

By injecting this newly created serum into the affected areas, the binding process can be halted. Furthermore, growth factors are released which minimises any further damage. This form of therapy effectively jump-starts the natural healing process while at the same helping to restore function and reduce pain.



Here at Blue Tree Clinics in Dubai, we start with an initial consultation which usually involves a physical examination and a complete review of your medical history. Before we suggest Orthokine Therapy, we will usually recommend alternative treatment methods – should these prove ineffective, we will devise an individualised treatment tailored to your needs.

Orthokine Therapy begins with a blood collection. This blood will then be processed and stored by our trained specialists for use at a later date. We then determine how many injections will be required based on the severity of your condition. The process will be ultrasound guided, and injections will be carried out over the course of several weeks, and your progress will be closely monitored from start-to-finish.


Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

Established for nearly 20 years, Blue Tree Clinics are committed to going the extra distance to ensure that our patient’s needs are met. We take the time to listen carefully to your concerns so we can make suggestions designed to improve both your health and fitness levels. Irrespective of your age and condition, we use innovative techniques and the latest technologies to deliver first-class results.

You’ll be attended to by our fully qualified team that spans multiple disciplines meaning we are able to provide the full range of care for all manner of conditions. At Blue Tree Clinics, we ensure that you are never left in the dark – we are happy to explain all of our treatment methods and provide answers to any questions you might have.

To find out more, give Blue Tree Clinics a call and make an appointment with one of our helpful experts.



“Having suffered with chronic osteoarthritis for many years, my doctor suggested that I try Orthokine Therapy. He referred me to the specialists at Blue Tree Clinics who wasted no time in placing me on a carefully planned out treatment regimen. In just a few weeks, I noticed the pain had begun to lessen and I was a lot more mobile than before.” – U. Salaya