Uni Knee

As one of the largest and most complex joints in the human body, our knees are responsible for helping us stand, walk, run and lift heavy objects. We use our knees every day and as we age, wear and tear on the knees can often take its toll. In more serious cases, the knee joints can be adversely affected leading to stiffness, swelling and pain that makes it difficult to move about.

Here at Blue Tree Clinics, our highly-trained orthopedic team are on-hand to provide the best possible care for those suffering pain and discomfort in their knees. Uni knee, or Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty, is just one such procedure that we are able to carry out in our three clinics based right here in Dubai.

This surgical procedure is commonly used to treat those living with the effects of arthritis. Rather than targeting the knee joint as a whole, this procedure instead focuses on one of the knee compartments instead. If your pain is limited to just one area of your knee, this procedure will make for a fantastic alternative to a total knee replacement. To find out more about uni knee in Dubai, read on below.



Over the years, our team have treated thousands of patients who struggle to walk every single day as a result of issues with their knees. The leading cause of problems to do with the knee are diseases such as knee osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These auto-immune diseases cause the body’s own immune system to begin attacking the joints.

In addition, damage to the knee can also occur as a result of a traumatic injury such as a car accident or a sporting injury. Whatever the cause, our orthopedists in Dubai are on hand to help. The treatments that we provide are suitable for those with a history of unsuccessful surgical procedures. Furthermore, those with poor bone density can also benefit from our expertise too.



If you’re tired of stiff knees and constant pain and discomfort, now is the time to make a change. Pick up the phone and arrange a consultation with one of our specialists at a time that is convenient for you. At the start of your appointment, we will begin with a full physical examination which includes specialist tests designed to test the ligaments in your knees.

We also carefully assess other anatomical structures so we can be certain that your discomfort is not being caused by something else. After a careful review of the patient’s history, we will determine whether uni knee in Dubai is the best approach for you. This usually involves getting the patient to point to where the pain is originating from although x-rays will also be taken to check for any damage in the other knee compartments.

If damage is detected elsewhere, uni knee will be insufficient, and we will usually recommend a total knee replacement. Should the damage be localised, we will proceed with devising a plan to treat the affected area. The procedure involves resurfacing the damaged bone and cartilage using either metal or plastic. There are many benefits to this procedure which include:

  • Smaller incision resulting in less overall scarring or post-operative pain
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Progressive rehabilitation
  • Improved range of motion
  • Reduced blood loss during surgery
  • Less time spent away from home


Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

Whether you’re a 20-something athlete or enjoying your later years, don’t let severe knee pain prevent you from doing the things you enjoy. At Blue Tree Clinics, we take a truly innovative approach, not only in how we treat the symptoms of knee pain but the underlying cause too. We have nearly 20 years’ experience, and our reputation for delivering high-quality care is second-to-none.

Whatever your fitness or healthcare goals may be, you can rest easy knowing that Blue Tree Clinics has you covered. Our team boasts some of the finest orthopedic specialists Dubai has to offer – all our fully qualified and knowledgeable in their chosen field. Through the use of cutting-edge equipment and the application of proven techniques, our team will ensure that you get the results you desire.

For more information or to book a consultation, give Blue Tree Clinics in Dubai a call now and speak to a member of our friendly team.



“Ever since being diagnosed with arthritis when I was a teenager, I have had to contend no end of issues with my joints. This includes constant swelling and never-ending pain in my knees which often leaves me relying on crutches or a wheelchair to get around. After consulting with Blue Tree I was recommended for unicompartmental knee arthroplasty which involved using metal to correct the damage to my knees.

The procedure couldn’t have been more straightforward and I was able to go home the same day. Over the last few months I’ve found my dependency on walking aids greatly reduced!” – Rogers