Pain & Body Aches – DIY Health Ideas & Chiropractic Practices To Help You Stay Home Safe This Season.


Pain & Body Aches – DIY Health Ideas & Chiropractic Practices To Help You Stay Home Safe This Season.


Stay home, stay safe; while you’re doing you part in avoiding the crowd by staying indoors are you keeping as safe as you think?

While avoiding contact with the outside world, are you compromising your health by sitting idle and waiting this out in the safety of your own home?

As a practicing chiropractor in the UAE, I have been seeing a lot more patients in the clinic these days. Not because patients are  presenting with flu like symptoms, but because they’re spending too much time working from home on a new desk called the kitchen or dining room table or sitting for hours on the couch with their head hyper flexed forward while crushing their low back on the soft sofa staring at the lap top.

Chiropractor performing a chiropractic adjustment on a patient that makes a popping sound.


Due to these new bad habits, people are flocking to chiropractors, physiotherapists and massage therapists more than usual complaining of headaches, neck pain, mid back pain, low back pain, sciatica and believe
it or not, minor rib subluxations too.


If you’re stuck at home like most of us, you’re going to have to adapt to your new work environment but that doesn’t mean that minor adjustments can’t be made in order to “work safe” your work space.

Here’s a few tips that you can integrate in your home to avoid all sorts of pain and body aches:


  1. Sip water consistently throughout the day in order to force yourself off the couch before you get glued to the sofa. It is good for your kidneys and good for your muscles and joints. Moving is amongst the best ways to avoid aches and pain in the body. Walk and skip your way around
    your residence.

  3. Do your best to keep the center or top of your computer screen eye This will slow down and hopefully halt the degenerative processes in the neck

  5. Don’t jut your head forward while using your computer; it’ll strain your neck, aggravate your brainstem causing headaches in the short term and possibly tinnitus, dizziness and numbness in the upper extremities in the long term.

  7. Sit tall. Good posture is your window to good health. If you’re suffering from body pain or any of the above symptoms that simply won’t go away, feel free to visit us for a complimentary visit to determine what can be done to resolve your issues through chiropractic.

Conclusively, it is also important to note that high personal hygiene is an added advantage in your pursuit to staying safe, sound, and healthy this Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic period. Ensure to maintain up to 2-meter gap away from other persons especially in public places such as street, public transport, markets, or even a window-shopping mall. 

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