Allergies, Asthma and Eczema

If you’re one of the millions of people worldwide that suffer from allergies or are living with Asthma or Eczema, the good news is that Blue Tree Clinics are here to help. Here at our state-of-the-art clinic in the heart of Dubai, our paediatricians have helped hundreds of parents over the years manage their children’s conditions more effectively.

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An allergy is typically characterised as a reaction in the body which occurs in response to a stimuli such as a particular food, substance or material. Allergies are quite common with millions of people worldwide currently living with one or more allergies. A person can be born with allergies or acquire them later on in life. Likewise, allergies can be permanent and can also come and go depending on any number of factors.

Allergies themselves can vary from being mild to severe. In some cases, they present as a simple irritation, and in more extreme cases they may even be life-threatening. Nut allergies are an example of the latter, which can cause the airway to swell up making it impossible to breathe. Common allergies include:

  • Grass and Tree Pollen
  • Dust Mites
  • Food
  • Animal Dander (tiny flakes of skin or hair)
  • Medication
  • Latex

What are the Symptoms of an Allergic Reaction?

It’s usually easy to determine whether your child is experiencing a reaction to something as they’ll often experience symptoms associated with an allergy. These symptoms include:

  • Rash (usually red and itchy)
  • Wheezing and Coughing
  • Red, Watery, Itchy Eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Runny or Blocked Nose

In some cases, sufferers of Asthma or Eczema may even notice their symptoms becoming more pronounced. While the cause of allergies is relatively unknown, it is believed that the rise in allergies is a result of people living in an environment which is cleaner and more germ-free. This lessens the number of germs the immune system has to contend with, reducing its effectiveness.

How Can Blue Tree Clinics Help?

If you suspect your child might be allergic to something, book an appointment with the team at Blue Tree Clinics today. After discussing their symptoms with you, we can perform one of two tests to determine the cause of their allergy. A skin test typically involves placing a tiny amount of the allergen onto the skin and then pricking the skin’s surface. If swelling occurs, this indicates that an allergy is present.

The second test involves taking a sample of blood. This is usually done when a skin test is not possible for whatever reason. The disadvantage here is that the test results can take a few days to return as opposed to a skin test which takes only 15 minutes.



Asthma is typically characterised as a long-term lung condition which is currently not curable. It is, however, relatively easy to manage. Asthma is caused when the breathing tubes swell up, becoming inflamed, causing them to narrow. Common triggers for Asthma can often include allergies, smoke, pollution and cold air, exercise and infections like colds or influenza.

It’s worth noting that in an adult, Asthma is usually a long-lasting condition that, in most cases, never fully subsides. In children, it is possible for Asthma to disappear as the child grows, though this isn’t always the case. Despite Asthma being a life-long condition, most people live normal, active lives.

What are the Symptoms of Asthma?

The symptoms of Asthma are as follows:

  • Wheezing
  • Breathlessness
  • Tightness in the Chest
  • Coughing

Quite often, people living with Asthma can experience what is known as an “Asthma Attack”. An attack can be life-threatening and highly debilitating leaving the sufferer with pronounced symptoms which include:

  • Too Breathless to Speak, Eat or Sleep
  • Breathing is Becoming Faster (the feeling of not being able to catch your breath)
  • Peak Flow Score is Lower Than Normal
  • Coughing, Wheezing and Chest Tightness Get Progressively Worse

During an attack, your blue inhaler (reliever inhaler) will usually not work anywhere near as effectively as it usually does.

How Can Blue Tree Clinics Help?

Book a consultation with a member of our team today by placing a call to our clinic. It’s important to note that Asthma can be easily confused with one of several other conditions. Our team can provide your child with an effective diagnosis and ensure that they’re prescribed the correct treatment moving forward. We’ll discuss with you their symptoms and usually carry out a series of simple, straightforward tests in order to determine whether they have Asthma.



Atopic Eczema is a condition which affects the skin. Those living with Eczema will notice that their skin is often itchy, red, dry and cracked. While the condition usually develops in children, it is not uncommon for it to develop in adults, too. While the condition can improve and even subside completely, in most cases, the condition is long-term with most living with the symptoms for most, if not all, of their lives.

What are the Symptoms of Eczema?

Eczema can vary in intensity from one patient to the next. In some, it might simply manifest as areas of skin which become itchy, dry, cracked, sore and red. In more extreme cases, it can occur across the entire body with the patient suffering from red and inflamed skin. While Eczema can occur virtually anywhere, the most common areas of the body affected are:

  • Hands
  • Inside of Elbows
  • Backs of the Knees
  • Face and Scalp

Quite often, those with Eczema will notice periods when their symptoms are more pronounced – these are referred to as flare-ups.

How Can Blue Tree Clinics Help?

Our professional team can usually diagnose Eczema with a visual examination. They’ll examine the affected areas and may ask questions such as when the symptoms first began, whether it comes and goes and if there’s a history of Eczema in the family. If your child has had an itchy skin condition in the last 12 months, this alone may not be sufficient enough to diagnose Eczema.

If there’s a history of Asthma or hay fever with an immediate relative having developed one of these conditions, this may be a further indication of Eczema. Other indicators we look for include cases where the condition started before the age of two and where the child has had dry skin within the last 12 months. Visibly irritated skin in the creases of the skin and a history of skin irritation occurring in these areas are also factors we look for.

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