Pain and Stiffness

We all experience pain and stiffness at one stage or another throughout life. It’s never a pleasant experience, and often the first response is to reach for the nearest painkillers. The problem is that painkillers merely mask the pain and don’t address the underlying cause. Without consulting with a physiotherapist Dubai, the situation could worsen leading to a more serious issue developing.

Pain and stiffness can occur in both the muscles and the joints and can be brought on by injury, lack of exercise, disease or serious trauma. While not life-threatening, both can be debilitating making simple day-to-day tasks difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish. Here at Blue Tree Clinics, we provide physical therapy Dubai can depend on to alleviate stiff and painful joints and muscles.

Through a combination of gentle manual therapy, a tailored exercise program and medication (where appropriate), we can restore all or partial flexibility. Furthermore, our treatments can also increase muscle strength and promote healthy bone cartilage. So, for the best physiotherapy, Dubai has to offer, get in touch today. For more information, continue reading below.

How do I know if physiotherapy is right for me?

Aside from the obvious, other factors will determine whether or not you need to consult with a physiotherapist Dubai. For the most part, pain and stiffness can be managed at home and will subside with a combination of rest and gentle exercise. However, if symptoms persist or a gradual loss in flexibility and range of motion is observed, help should be sought.

While pain often occurs as a result of a trauma, injury or overworked muscle/ joint; stiffness is usually a result of extended periods of inactivity or disease. Stiffness can also result from an injury which causes the muscles to spasm. Common diseases which cause stiffness including Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Whether you’re experiencing pain, stiffness or both, here at Blue Tree Clinics, we can help with the most effective physical therapy Dubai residents have experienced.


Consultation and Treatment

To start off with, you will be booked in for an in-depth consultation with one of our highly trained physiotherapists. Dubai patients will have the opportunity to discuss their concerns with us, and we will perform a full examination to determine the areas to treat. We will also use this opportunity to review your medical history and examine all possible angles to determine the underlying cause (assuming this isn’t immediately apparent).

To facilitate this, we usually ask questions related to your lifestyle and employment. We also ask you to provide us with information on any medications you are taking, any previous injuries you have sustained and a history of diseases in your family that may be responsible. As disease may be a factor, our physiotherapy Dubai team can run tests to determine if this is the cause.

Once all necessary information has been collated, we tailor a program that is specific to your needs. As the finest choice for physical therapy Dubai has seen, we strive to ensure your full and permanent recovery. Before proceeding, our physiotherapist will also explain the plan to you and how it will benefit your recovery.

Treatment plans will vary from patient-to-patient, but usually include exercises to increase range-of-motion and improve overall strength. Our holistic approach also focuses on identifying the cause of your pain and stiffness so that we can treat this to prevent the problem from reoccurring. In the case of a disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, we can prescribe medication to help manage the symptoms.

If the pain is proving difficult to manage, we can prescribe painkillers as these will assist with the healing process. With the most effective physiotherapy Dubai has to offer, you’ll be back to full physical fitness in no time at all. Your pain will become easier to manage or subside entirely and your joints and muscles will become noticeably more limber.

To find out more or to arrange for a consultation, give Blue Tree Clinics a call today.

Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

Here at Blue Tree Clinics, we have a proud history of providing cutting-edge healthcare services to patients, right across Dubai. Since being established here back in 2004, we have gained a hard-earned reputation for restoring quality of life to many who previously had very little. Whether we’re combatting chronic back pain, providing honest pediatric care for minors or restoring an individuals’ self-confidence, you can trust us to do what’s right for you.

As a physiotherapist Dubai can trust, we treat every patient as an individual and tailor our approach accordingly. Whatever medical issues you may have, you’ll reap the benefits of our well-equipped, modern and advanced clinics of which there are three situated across the city. Our team are engaged in continuous training and advancement ensuring that their knowledge is up-to-date.

With so much to offer and more, it is little wonder why Blue Tree Clinics are a firm favorite for those seeking medical and cosmetic procedures in Dubai.


“Following a recent sporting injury I was finding it difficult to walk. Whenever I would sit or lie down for an extended period, my leg would seize up and I’d experience a throbbing pain. An examination revealed an injury to my iliotibial band which I was assured was easily treatable. I started a physio program and within a few weeks I was noticing a huge difference.”


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