Physiotherapy – Sports Injuries


In the unfortunate event of an injury, illness or disability, physiotherapy can help to restore lost or restricted movement and function. It can prove helpful for patients of all ages and with a range of health conditions, most notably sports injuries. Physiotherapy can help to reduce the risk of future injury, which is particularly ideal for those participating in sporting activities on a regular basis.


About the Condition

Sports injuries can be frustrating, especially if your job is particularly active or you partake in sporting activities on a regular basis. Unfortunately, most sporting injuries are complex and multi-faceted, which requires an acute diagnosis, accurate management and appropriate treatment from an experienced team of professionals. At Blue Tree Clinics, we pride ourselves on offering just that.

Sports injuries can affect any part of the body, such as the muscles, bones and joints, as well as connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments.



While the benefits of leading an active lifestyle are immeasurable, sports injuries can occur as a result of poor form, incorrect bike positions or not warming up properly.

Causes of sports injuries can depend on a variety of factors, but are most commonly caused as a result of the following:

  • Accidents such as falls or heavy impact
  • Inadequate warming up methods
  • Poor technique and incorrect equipment
  • Pushing yourself too hard

At Blue Tree Clinics, we can assist with all of your physiotherapy needs. These can range from exercises to aid and improve movement, as well as advice on how best to undertake sport to minimise the risk of further injuries in the future.



There are a variety of signs that may indicate that you have sustained a sports injury. Such symptoms include immediate pain, tenderness and swelling, as well as bruising, restricted movement and stiffness in the affected area. If your symptoms persist, then it’s time to seek the help of the most effective physiotherapy Dubai has to offer.



First and foremost, the first step towards healing is to stop exercising, as it may cause further damage to injured area. You should rest the affected area and apply an ice pack for the first 48-72 hours to reduce swelling and take over the counter painkillers to reduce the pain.

Should symptoms persist or worsen, you’ll need to call upon the assistance of the most experienced and professional physical therapy Dubai has to offer. With the use of non-invasive treatments, as well as offering advice and guidance for your everyday life, we endeavour to restore you back to full health. For example, should you be experiencing back pain as a result of a sports injury, we can advise on posture, correct lifting techniques and movement.

We can then provide you with a range of suitable exercises, which are designed to improve movement strength of the affected area, and are repeated over a set period of time. This can also include activities undertaken in swimming pools, such as hydrotherapy, which allows for the gradual strengthening of a particular area, which relaxes and supports the muscles and joints.



At Blue Tree Clinics, we endeavour to offer a holistic approach that treats the body as a whole, as opposed to one singular area. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team will first discuss all of the symptoms you are experiencing, before devising a treatment plan that is adapted to you and your lifestyle.


Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

At Blue Tree Clinics, our dedication to constantly improving our knowledge and experience within the field of physiotherapy is what sets us apart from the rest. To ensure our treatment service is one that cannot be matched, our team regularly undertake courses to update their skills. We embrace new technologies and effective methods to ensure that we provide only the most effective physiotherapy Dubai has to offer.



“I came to Blue Tree Clinics when I started experiencing severe lower back pain following a cycling trip overseas. I soon realised that my poor form had been affecting my posture and straining my muscles as a result. The extremely helpful team at Blue Tree Clinics devised a tailored treatment plan to suit me and my working schedule, and it wasn’t long before I was feeling as good as new again. I can’t thank the lovely team enough – I would highly recommend!”

To find out more about the most effective physiotherapy Dubai has to offer, contact our helpful team today. Fill out our simple online enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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