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Facial Implants

Everyone has different facial symmetry, and while some may be blessed with perfectly proportioned cheekbones or a chiseled jaw, others are not so lucky. An absent chin, weak jaw or poorly defined facial contours can have a detrimental impact on your appearance. This can often be a source of embarrassment. Here at Blue Tree Clinics in Dubai, we provide facial implants in Greens that will add shape and volume to your face.

Facial implants have been carefully designed to rebalance the proportions of your face. Whatever part of your face is causing you anxiety, these implants can help by boosting symmetry and making your face look more evenly defined. At Blue Tree Clinics, our facial implants in DIFC are the go-to choice for many, and you too can experience the benefits when you call us today.

Furthermore, you’ll be delighted to hear that we provide facial implants to residents living in areas, right across Dubai including Greens, DIFC, Meadows, Jumeirah (1, 2 and 3), Dubai Marina and beyond.


Facial Implants – What Are They and How Will They Benefit You?

When you think of an implant, often the first thought that springs to mind are the materials used in its fabrication. You’ll be happy to hear that our facial implants are made using specially formed materials that won’t cause rejection in human tissue. These implants are available in varying sizes and types to suit a variety of purposes.

Facial implants are designed to augment the physical structure of the face. Here at Blue Tree Clinics, we can provide facial implants in Greens for virtually all areas of your face. We find that the chin, jaw and cheeks are often the most popular choices. This is largely due to these areas being most prominent and having the biggest impact on the facial structure.

Is your chin out of proportion with the middle of your face and your forehead? Then chin implants are for you. Do you have a sloping jaw that lacks definition? Jaw implants will correct this. For cheekbones that lack prominence, implants will increase their projection providing you with fuller and more defined cheeks.


Suitability for Treatment

To qualify for treatment, patients need to be in their late teens or older. This is because the skull and head are continuously growing and developing up to this point. Implants inserted beforehand may entail complications as the shape of the face will change as a result of the natural growth cycle.

Patients looking for facial implants in DIFC must ideally be in good physical condition, preferably be a non-smoker and have specific goals in mind. Visit us for a consultation, and we will advise you on whether facial implants are the right choice for you.


Consultation and Treatment

As mentioned above, you’ll start by meeting with one of our specialists for a full consultation. The purpose of this visit will be to discuss your surgical goals as well as evaluate your overall health. You’ll be examined and have photos taken as this will give us a frame of reference for future comparison. We’ll also discuss with you other areas including:

  • Prior or existing medical conditions
  • Prior or existing allergies
  • Prior or existing medications prescribed for other conditions
  • History of or current use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs
  • Previous surgeries

Once we have the necessary information to hand, we will have a chat with you about the options available and suggest ones that are suited to you. We will also make you aware of any risks or complications that may be associated with implants. Once the consultation is complete, we will provide you with the best facial implants Dubai has seen.


You have the option to be sedated or placed under general anesthesia. The implants will then be inserted; the location of which will vary depending on the type of implant being used. Most incisions will be made inside the mouth to avoid any external scarring. Once inserted, the incision(s) will be sutured using absorbable sutures for your convenience.

Following on from receiving your facial implants in Meadows, you will experience substantial swelling. This will last anywhere from a few days to weeks. The results will be immediately present. However, they won’t be noticeable until the swelling has fully subsided.


Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

Are you tired of sunken cheeks, an absent chin or a weak jaw? Then do something about it today by calling Blue Tree Clinics and inquiring about facial implants in Dubai. Since we opened our doors in 2004 to the people of Dubai, we have assisted hundreds of patients to achieve optimal physical fitness.

Our holistic approach is to get to the bottom of whatever condition is affecting you. We look at the cause as well as the symptoms so that we can tailor your treatment plan for the best results possible. With the latest, most cutting-edge equipment at our disposal, you won’t find a more capable healthcare provider anywhere else in Dubai.

From orthopedics and gynecology to plastic surgery and dermatology, we have your healthcare needs covered no matter what.


“I’ve hated my cheekbones for as long as I can remember and have always wanted to do something to correct my sunken cheeks. With the help of Blue Tree Clinics, I received facial implants and now my cheeks look better than ever!” C. Hosery