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Thigh Lift

Losing a substantial amount of weight is nothing short of an amazing accomplishment. Sadly, the joy can be short-lived as this weight loss can often result in loose skin around the abdominal and thigh regions. Loose skin can be unsightly and cause additional embarrassment; so many people will choose to cover up their thighs and avoid wearing bikinis and form-fitting outfits.

Here at Blue Tree Clinics in Dubai, we provide the very best thigh lifts Dubai has seen thanks to the most cutting-edge technology around. Thigh lift surgery is a procedure in which the inner and outer regions of the thighs are pulled up, and excess skin and fat are removed. This achieves the effect of slimmer, more toned looking thighs.

The most common types of thigh lifts that we perform are lateral and medial lifts. These are available to residents throughout Dubai in areas including Dubai Media City, Barsha Heights TECOM, Greens and Palm Jumeirah.

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Consultation and Treatment

We will start with a face-to-face chat to discuss your areas of concern. This will provide us with the opportunity to examine your thighs and review your medical history to determine your suitability for treatment. As the best choice for body shaping Dubai has seen, we’ll make you fully aware of the nature of the procedure as well as the risks and recovery period.

We can show you pictures of other patients who have undergone a similar procedure and recommend alternatives should you wish to consider other options. If you’re happy with the idea of a thigh lift in Dubai, we will take photographs of your thighs which will be stored for later use.


The procedure itself is carried out under general anesthesic. As such, food and drink should be avoided for six hours before the operation. For 24 hours afterwards, alcohol and driving should be avoided, and you should not operate heavy machinery or sign legal documents.

Lateral – for a lateral procedure, we focus on the lateral or outer region of the thigh area. This can often be performed in conjunction with other procedures too such as a body lift or a tummy tuck.

Medial – with a medial procedure, the focus is on the interior region of the thigh area. An incision is made in the crease at the top of the thigh and the skin lifted. With this procedure, the scar can be more easily concealed.

Our specialist will determine which procedure you’re suitable for during your consultation. Following on from a thigh lift in Dubai, absorbable sutures will be used to seal the incision sites and dressings applied to keep the area sterile. Fluids will accumulate at the incisions sites so drains will be inserted until the fluid has cleared.

As liposuction is often performed alongside a thigh lift, a support garment will be supplied to assist with support and healing. Pain, bruising and swelling are all to be expected; the pain and bruising should subside after a few days; the swelling should take around three months after which the results will be fully noticeable.

Several weeks following your body shaping in Dubai, you will be scheduled in for a follow-up appointment. We will check for any complications and to ensure that you are healing correctly, we will also take post-op photos to compare with your originals.

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Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

Established in 2000 back in Canada, we made the decision to expand our clinics to Dubai back in 2004. Today, our reputation for providing exceptional standards of healthcare have set us firmly apart from all other clinics across the city. Here at Blue Tree Clinics in Dubai, you’ll always deal directly with a member of our fully qualified, trained and certified team of specialists.

Whatever your healthcare goals may be, our goal is to help you to achieve them with treatments that are tailored to your specific needs. We pioneer the latest techniques and invest in state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with results that are second-to-none.

Above all else, you’ll always be treated with dignity and respect when you choose us to provide you with a thigh lift in Dubai. So, to find out more, give our team a call today.



“From a young age, I used to get picked on terribly for the size of my thighs. Even into adulthood, I’d often be on the receiving end of cruel jibes which has left me with low self-esteem. After exhausting every diet and exercise plan out there, I decided to opt for a thigh lift. The results were slender, more toned thighs. Now I receive compliments rather than insults.” – D. Lshen