Radiology and X-Ray

Radiology and X-Ray

Have you suffered an injury and wish to have it investigated further to ensure you have not broken or fractured any bones? Or require a radiology service to look into potential medical conditions further for an accurate diagnosis? If so, look no further than Blue Tree Clinics.

Combining only the latest medical equipment, our highly experienced team of medical experts and dedication to offering exceptional tailored treatments, we are the obvious choice for your radiology and x-ray services.


What are Radiology and X-Ray?

Unfortunately, injuries can happen at any time and, in most cases, are unexpected and inconvenient. Fortunately, our highly experienced and dedicated team of medical experts are on hand to ensure that you receive exemplary care with our exceptional radiology and x-ray service.



Radiology uses medical imaging to diagnose diseases and is comprised of various techniques, with the most appropriate being used to determine certain medical conditions.

Such techniques include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • X-Ray Radiography
  • Ultrasound
  • Computer Tomography (CT)
  • Nuclear
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
  • Interventional Radiology



X-rays are an ideal way to find out whether or not you are suffering from an acute musculoskeletal injury. The process allows us to see inside of your body without the need for invasive surgery and different forms of x-rays can be used for varying purposes.

Examples of this include a mammogram to examine your breasts for any signs of unusual growths and a barium enema to obtain a closer look at your gastrointestinal tract. An x-ray can also investigate a range of other conditions, including digestive problems, infections and blocked blood vessels, as well as bone cancer and tooth decay.

There is no preparation required for your x-ray. However, you may be required to lay down, sit or stand, depending on the area being examined. You will not feel anything during the x-ray.

You will be required to remain completely still to ensure that the image does not blur, which will be processed electronically to make sure that the quality is suitable.

A radiologist will then assess the images and provide a diagnosis and written report, which will be sent to your GP and discussed with your during a follow-up consultation.


Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

At Blue Tree Clinics, we pride ourselves on offering tailored treatment to accommodate all of our patient’s requirements. To ensure that we provide the finest treatment available, and for your complete ease of mind, we use only the latest and highest quality equipment and the most effective and safest practices.

Regardless of condition, age or health goals, our experienced and dedicated team of medical professionals endeavour to offer the same exceptional treatment for all to benefit from. With this in mind, we are the obvious choice for all of your radiology and x-ray needs.



“I cannot thank the team at Blue Tree Clinics enough for putting my mind at ease with their prompt x-ray service. After falling and landing awkwardly on my arm and not being able to move, I was worried I had done some serious damage. Luckily the team put my mind at ease straight away, and I received excellent advice and aftercare to ensure I restored my arm back to its normal state. Would highly recommend the team to all! Thanks again.”




To find out more about our radiology and x-ray services, get in touch with our highly experienced team of medical professionals today.