Recurring Injuries, why they Recur and how Chiropractors can be of help.


Recurring Injuries, why they Recur and how Chiropractors can be of help.


Recurring Injuries are injuries that affect a part of the body that previously sustained the same injury. Sports injuries can often be recurrent with subsequent injuries being influenced by the first one.

Generally, recurring Injuries cause a lot of distress to regular people who desire to make use of their computers without aches and those who also run everyday activities without having to complain of pain. Athletes in particular find recurring Injuries more annoying as it often disorganize their sporting competitions.

People who have experienced recurring Injuries often ask questions on why these injuries recur even after treatments. However the good news is that Chiropractors can be of great help when these injuries tend to recur.


In this blog, we will get to find out the causes of recurring injuries, why they recur and how Chiropractors can help.

Why Recurring Injuries Recur and How Chiropractors Help

Recurring Injuries Recur when Treatments are not complete.

Research has shown that after a duration of pain, the tissues surrounding the affected joint learn to complete tasks with compensatory techniques. This occurs immediately the acute “painful” phase settles.

Recurring injuries are very common and are probable to recur when you concentrate more on treating symptoms rather than discovering the main cause of the problem. Non prescribed drugs, prescribed drugs or any form of drugs that is specialised on artificially reducing inflammation or chemically numbing the pain can be a reason why injuries recur.

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Injuries Recur when you don’t pay rapt attention to your body.

For the fact that you feel better does not mean that the problem is absolutely gone. When the pain subsides at that moment, it does not clearly mean that the injury has been conquered.

When you listen and observe your body’s inborn intelligence, the injury can sometimes be your best advocate towards achieving total healing.

Instead of using drugs to subside the pains you experience in your body, you will rather make choices that eliminate the main cause and uphold your long term health.

Vertebral Subluxation is one of the most regular conditions that causes health problems and injuries.


In Chiropractic, The World Health Organization ( W.H.O) defined vertebral Subluxation as:

“A lesion or dysfunction in a joint or motion segment in which alignment, movement integrity and/or physiological functions are altered , although contact between joint surfaces remains intact. It is essentially a functional entity, which may influence biomechanical and neural integrity”.

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Vertebral Subluxation are nervous system and spine injuries that can stay inactive and asymptomatic for years and affect one’s health and well-being at every stage.

They can also cause immediate pain and bodily distress in your systems, muscles and organs. The function of your heart, lungs, stomach, shoulders, arms, fingers in the body can be affected by the extension of the nerves in your neck.


The nerves in the lower back control the bladder, bowel, hips, legs and feet. Injuries in the area of spine supplied by the nerves in the lower back that controls the hips,legs, bladder, bowels and feet can cause incomparable recurring problems. Vertebral Subluxation are frequent reasons why injuries recur and limit life.


When you are consistent with Chiropractic care, it gives you the opportunity to completely abrogate recurrent injuries and give your body the privilege to regenerate, strengthen and adapt itself with healthy nerve supply.

When your body does not correspond with your desire to run or take part in certain activities¬† because of an injury or pain that won’t go away, pay attention to it, listen and observe it always.

Personal lifestyle,personal habits and choices plays a major role in eliminating recurring injuries.


Observing and responding to your body signals fervently and also listening to a Chiropractor will enable you stop the recurrent injuries and pains and help you achieve a long lasting lifestyle.

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