Our Medical Team

Dr. Ahmed Fares


Dr. Ahmed Fares uses his knowledge and experience to educate his patients and provide quality chiropractic care to the Dubai community.

Dr. Andre Mattos M.D

M.D Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Andre Mattos is one of Rio de Janeiro’s leading names in Plastic Surgery and with several success stories in this regard.

Dr. Babak Ansari

Orthopedic Surgeon

With over 18 years of experience working in both Europe and Asia. Dr. Babak Ansari is our team expert in orthopedic surgery at Blue Tree Clinics.

Professor Ricardo Oliveira, MD, MSc

Specialist Endocrinology

Recognized As One Of The Most Respected Endocrinologist In Brazil, Professor Ricardo Oliveira Was Shaped By Expertise And Experience.

Dr Fatima Zohra REZGUI, MD

MSc. in Dermatology & Skin Biology. (University of Miami, USA)

Dr. Fatima obtained her Doctorate of Medicine in 2010. She is specialized in Dermatology & Skin Biology with MSc from Miller School of Medicine.

Dr. Sami Samara

Orthodontic and Cosmetic Dentist

Dr Sami Samara is the third generation dentist in his family and after graduation he completed his masters in Orthodontics from TISHREEN University Syria.

Dr. Elaheh Goudarzi

General Dentistry

Specalized in cosmetic dentistry serving patients who seek high standard full ceramic crowns,veneers and smile makeovers.

Nikica Vidakovic


Nikica works from Blue Tree Clinics’s Jumeirah Beach Road location, giving the highest standard of physiotherapy care.

Gvozden Vidakovic


Gvozden Vidakovic was the first physiotherapist to join Blue Tree Clinics. He practices at our Jumeirah Beach Road location and his primary goal is the well-being of his patients.

Zorica Farkas


Physiotherapist, Zorica Farkas works from Blue Tree Clinics’s Al Wasl Road location offering friendly, professional physiotherapy care to help you reach optimal health.

Davor Aladrovic


Davor has 12 years experience as a physiotherapists in various settings such as hospitals, rehab centers, a gerontology center and football club.

Marwa Abdelsamie


Marwa has 6 years of experience in Dr Kamkar clinics, Dubai, as a senior physiotherapist.

Tija Krstic


Tija Krstic has extensive experience in clinical practice especially with adolescents and their spinal deformities such as Scoliosis and Kyphosis.

Aleksandra Nikolic


Aleksandra Nikolic is high-spirited and professional Physiotherapist, using all types of Physical Therapic modalities.

Nina Uzunova

Beauty and Laser Specialist

- DHA Licensed Beauty and Laser Therapist
- Licensed Bulgarian Chamber of Health
- Bachelor Degree of NSA Bulgarian

Sheila Pastor


DHA Licensed Nurse
Member of Nursing Council
Orthopedic Nurse

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