Aleksandar Antic

Aleksandar Antic


Meet Aleksandar Antic

  • DHA Licensed Physiotherapist
  • Bachelors in Physical Therapy (Higher Medical School in Cuprija)
  • Specialisation in Physical Therapy, rehabilitation in Neurology disorders (Higher Medical School in Cuprija)
  • Recommendation from Association of Physiotherapist of Serbia
  • Recommendation from Association for Cerebral and Child Paralysis of Serbia


Core Skills and Values

Licensed physiotherapist, well-versed in a broad range of Physical therapy and Kinesiotherapy treatments and modalities for restoring function and mitigating disability. Certified, well-educated, capable for diagnosing physical problems and deciding on appropriate treatments for them.


Skilled at medical massage and using all types of Physiotherapy modalities. Capable of treating patients of all ages and medical conditions, with excellent interpersonal skills. Specialised in rehabilitation of neurological patients.


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“If you are feeling pain and stiffness, I can help your body to get relieved. Book the appointment now, and after the treatment, you will continue your day with a smile.”

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